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Poz-Lok fire sprinkler leak

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  • Poz-Lok fire sprinkler leak

    When my house was built 20 years ago, a Poz-Lok system was used. For 19 years, I had no issues until I had a leaky head replaced last year. After the head was replaced, the old glycol antifreeze was replaced with a glycerin antifreeze system.

    Since then, several of the Poz-Lok fittings have started to leak. The leaks are not bad, a drip about once a week, but it seems like more and more are starting to leak. I've called several fire sprinkler companies about ideas on how to fix the problem, but most of them say that once the fittings start leaking, they will only get worse. I know that there's a class action lawsuit involving the Poz-Lok pipes, but I don't think this is what's causing my problem. Even if it was, I'm past the time limit for recovering anything.

    Has anyone had any luck eliminating the leaks, short of replacing my entire system?



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    Re: Poz-Lok fire sprinkler leak

    It was junk when it first came out and only gets worse. Sorry to hear of your troubles.