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Tub overflows washing machine

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  • Tub overflows washing machine

    Every time the shower is used, the water flows into the washing machine. Toilets seem to flush fine and all sinks drain fine. Could I have a sewer clog or do you think the problem is with the tub?

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    Re: Tub overflows washing machine

    You need to clean your shower drain


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      Re: Tub overflows washing machine


      Are you facing the problem in washing machine tub. Tub is overflowing?
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        Re: Tub overflows washing machine

        Tub is upstairs...washing machine is downstairs?
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          Re: Tub overflows washing machine

          How about a lil bit more info? where is the washer located? where is the tub? could be a stoppage, but also could be many other problems, just cleaning the shower drain may just make the washer overflow faster... depends on where it's located... if the washer is on the same drain line as the tub/shower, and downstream from the tub/shower, but toilet and lav aren't, it could very well be a stoppage diverting water into the washer instead of continuing downstream to the main DWV, causing no problems with the lav or toilet. Just a bit more info could get you an educated answer... Does the washer drain properly on its own? Also, you didn't say wether you have a bath tub/shower combo, or just a shower... Help us, help you...
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            Re: Tub overflows washing machine

            What You said makes No sense to Me ! If the washer standpipe overfilled,Water would dump on floor,not fill washer !
            Am I missing something here ?
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              Re: Tub overflows washing machine

              sounds like the washer is hard piped and sealed to the waste line. the waste line is plugged.

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