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I need a mini lift/hoist for my van

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  • I need a mini lift/hoist for my van

    Greetings all and happy monday!

    I'm located in Orange County, CA

    Need some leads on a auto mini lift/hoist to help me get my drain machines and future mini jetter in and out of the back of my van. An arm type will do, although I'm thinking of a lift with some sort of arm that slides across the top so I can lift on both the left and right sides, if that makes sense

    Thanks folks!

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    Re: I need a mini lift/hoist for my van

    I Have seen pictures of a Harbor fright pickup hoist in the back corner of a van, I have two of the hoists, (IMO the winches are junk but for the money there not bad),
    Pickup Truck Crane W/ Cable Winch
    Pickup Truck Crane - 1/2 Ton Capacity
    I have two of the top link, one on the S10 and one on the log splitter for lifting large rounds, I do think there properly rated but if you would go by 1/2 of there rating they will work OK,
    about the most I have lifted with the one o the S10 is a drum full of fuel, I replaced the winch on the one on the S10 with a US made winch,

    on my one ton I have a VESTIL Jib Crane and it is a lot better than the HF unit but the cost is a lot better as well.

    not saying the HF winch/hoist is what will work or what you want, but it is a possibility,

    here is one that is said to be designed for vans, it is not and HF,
    Van Jib Crane - Winch Operated
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      Re: I need a mini lift/hoist for my van

      Hey folks! Sorry about the double post. Let's move this to the Pro on Pro forum. Por favor