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  • pump not working

    I have a Water Ace R16L 1 1/2 hp irrigation pump. It has worked okay in the past but started making quite a lot of noise recently. When it turned on last saturday, there's no more loud noise and it is not pumping water.

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    Re: pump not working

    lots of noise indicates a problem with the motor (not fixable) or something with the impeller at the face of the pump. Open the face, if possible, check for a loose impeller or something jamming it up - stones, plastic, sticks or other debris. If the impeller is broken the pump is probably junk.

    Edit: I could find a R15L pump. It looks like a basic shallow well jet pump?

    Edit 2: The parts break down appears to show only housing gaskets. There doesn't look like there is any impeller protection for a run-dry situation. If there is no water the impeller could have been severely cavitating which results in pits, holes, or breakage. It could also be very warped.
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      Re: pump not working

      Loud noise generally means bearings are drying out and it's bare metal on metal. After a while, they get hot enough to simply seize. Next time the pump tries to start, the seized bearings won't let the motor start.

      Water Ace is a cheap Myers pump and has the cheapest American made motor known to man. So I wouldn't waste any money trying to repair it. For us to put two bearings in a "good" motor it's $100.00 plus a new seal ($10.00). Add a couple hundred more and you can buy a good quality pump that would last a while and can be repaired and put back into service.
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        Re: pump not working

        good and very informative thread. looking for some more useful replies.