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Need help with attachments for my machine.

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  • Need help with attachments for my machine.

    Hi all, I'm new to these forums but i really do need help.

    Just recently i bought a Rigid K-400 Drum Machine with c32 (3/8") x 75ft cable and it came with a T-260 tool set.

    (Edit: I know i might get flamed for what i wrote below but do keep in mind that there never was a problem and this just started recently i was told that if it is roots they just must have started and might be thin and tiny enough to get thru with my cable............................................. ............needless to say i did also order a 1/2" x 75ft cable and could use that one as well. The clog appears to be no more than 20ft away from the trap)

    Problem: Never had a problem with the Main sewer pipe clogging until recently. I rented the machine few times but the problem would come back almost on a monthly basis. I would go to the Main trap in the basement and open it up and after snaking it clog would clear. But given the fact that few professional plumbers told me that i might have a root problem they recommended Rigids' Spiral Cutters.

    I see that T-209 is compatible with my cable but i saw on Amazon spiral "Sawtooth" cutters in all sizes, up to 4"

    Those were t-22 and t-23

    My main is 4" and I'm sure i have root problem but i don't see that either t-22 or t-23 are compatible with my cable.

    Is it really compatible and if not what choices do i have?

    Any help appreciated
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    Re: Need help with attachments for my machine.

    DO Not try cleaning roots with a 400 rent a bigger machine or hire a professional cleaning roots with out proper training is very hazardous to your health its very easy to get hurt if you don't have don't know when to try another technique. Cleaning paper plugs is one thing, but cleaning the pipe to prevent future problems is an art. You may even consider getting it jetted.


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      Re: Need help with attachments for my machine.

      A K-400 has no business in a lateral (pipe leading from the home to the city sewer). The specs may say 4" but that is under ideal conditions....after monthly snaking it is obvious your lateral does not meet ideal conditions..

      at some point you have to ask yourself am I over my head?

      I just wasted $400 on my POS old car because it developed a bad vibration and I tried to play like a mechanich.....turns out I should just stick to drains..within 1000' of driving down the road the pro had it figured out and $150 later I'm driving down the road with no vibration.

      Funny thing is he spent his whole weekend thawing his frozen sewer. Spent a bunch $ renting a steamer etc...he got it and good for him, but he looked beat. had he called me, i would have been in and out in just over an hr....

      My point is....sometimes it's ok to let the pros be pros
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        Re: Need help with attachments for my machine.

        A 3/8" and a 1/2" cable are way too small to handle any kind of root problem. I wouldn't even try my 5/8" cable even though it's rated for it. You need a professional with a jetter (ask Plumber Rick, he's an expert) or someone with a heavy duty sectional or drum machine. Roots are nothing to play with. Look at it this way - the pro has the right tools and will be able to tell you the condition and longevity of the pipe.

        ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder


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          Re: Need help with attachments for my machine.

          You don't go after Brown Bears with a 22 ! Might end up in Yer Butt !
          I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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            Re: Need help with attachments for my machine.

            Just switch the spear blade for the spiral blade and you'll be set. Might have to do some minor drilling on the blade.
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