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Need Help finding a basement Leak

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  • Need Help finding a basement Leak


    I have a student rental property that I just had the basement finished.

    The issue I am having is a periodic leak. I have checked all of the supplies and found nothing. The fact that the floor is not wet all of the time was a pretty big indicator that it was not a supply line but a drainage issue. There was no leaking during the renovation (Oct - Nov).

    I have inspected all of the drains (cut open the wall in one place) and can find no indication of a leak from the pipes. But while I was checking the drains from a pre-existing bathroom, I noticed that the concrete floor was broken under the bathtub for the drain and had not been re-sealed. What I am wondering is that can this be the source of the water? The house does have drains that go directly into the ground (going to cut and reroute then this week) as well as a driveway that runs the full length of the side of the house where the hole in the floor is located. But can the ground water during heavy rains and snow melt come up into the hole in the floor?

    Thanks, Matt

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    Re: Need Help finding a basement Leak


    ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder


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      Re: Need Help finding a basement Leak


      I will try to get the pics.



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        Re: Need Help finding a basement Leak

        Also make sure gutter down leaders do not discharge on ground at foundation ! They should exit about 12 ft away to daylight. In the 70s when I was building homes back east,I always did the following. Graded all top soil away from foundation. Had 12 " of concrete found. showing. Termites die in sunlight. If they build tubes up the concrete, termite co. is called. Every homeowner Knows what termite tubes look like. I get so much rot work from terrible building practices in Ca. Code calls for 6' OF CONCRETE ! Then they landscape ,even or above the wood siding. NICE N DARK
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          Re: Need Help finding a basement Leak

          This pre existing bathroom drain, is it still tied into the sewer line? if it is drain as much water at once as you can (flush toilets, drain tub, drain clothes washer)...

          You may have a partial clog/roots in the sewer line exiting the house reducing it's ability to drain. This would cause the drain to back up during heavy flow but appear to drain normal once the flow is reduced.
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