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diaphragm switch -- worth replacing?

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  • diaphragm switch -- worth replacing?

    I have a Rigid 330D (1/3 hp) submersible pump.

    I have checked that the pump still works but the diaphragm switch attachment broke off (plastic hinge -- smart!) . Rigid website does not allow us civilians (non-plumbers) to access any info on parts.
    1. Does anyone know if parts are available?
    2. Is it worth replacing just the diaphragm switch and cord if the pump unit still works fine? I see how to attach both a new switch and the cord.

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    Re: diaphragm switch -- worth replacing?

    I guess it would depend on how old it is. About $40 for the replacement switch, or $150 for the whole thing?

    I replaced the diaphragm switch on my old sump with a cheaper float switch which works even better. Just make certain any electrical splices are water tight. Not worth getting electrocuted over.


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      Re: diaphragm switch -- worth replacing?

      Diaphragm switches are el-stinko.

      A pass through float switch may be the better alternative. The float plug goes into the wall. The pump plugs into the float plug. 2 styles:


      ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder


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        Re: diaphragm switch -- worth replacing?

        Thanks! Before I got your message I found exactly these when I went to Home Depot and I am all set. Pretty good for a girl . . .