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  • Another Jetter question

    I have a 3200 Psi, 4 gpm, 11hp pressure washer. I am running 100' of 1/4" hose. It works great!! My question: What do you recommend as the correct Ridgid Root Ranger? I am being told the 255-055 rotojets will not work for my system and I need to buy a 255-035 rotojet, which is is not sold in the USA and I have to order through the Jetters Edge. If this is true I will do it, I just wanted a second opinion before I buy something from another country. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Another Jetter question

    A 5.5 rotor is a little big for yor specs. But 1/4" hose will also drop yor pressure too.

    A 4.5 rotor is the better size with 3/8" hose will work fine. With less pressure drop at the nozzle.

    Ben, gear junky has a similar spec. He just swapped the rotor and is pleased. The rotor is a 1/4" pipe thread. Can be purchased from any pressure washer co.


    Ps. Saw you pm.
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      Re: Another Jetter question

      You are a good man Rick, Thank you for your help.


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        Re: Another Jetter question

        before you buy any turbo nozzle, you need to get it sized right. Buy a 1/4 female quick disconnect and a 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 zero degree washer nozzle. Put the disconnect on you hose and run each nozzle while observing your pressure at the pump. Then once you have the right size nozzle, buy the same turbo nozzle, I go through envirospec. When you switch turbo's, you have to switch the whole thing. The base plates are interchangable but are sized to the nozzle so they won't run right. Use hydraulic threadlocker on the ubend.

        I wouldn't go with 3/8 hose....weighs twice as much as 1/4 and won't pull as far. Sometimes pressure gets over rated. When I first got my RR, it was oversized and I was only getting 2800 at the 3500 psi pump. But it still cut like a lawnmower through the roots. Switched nozzles and it cuts and pulls like a chainsaw now. Point is the friction loss from the 1/4" isn't making a huge difference...don't worry about it
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