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Dripping sound in the wall

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    Re: Dripping sound in the wall

    Yes, I think there's a chimney in that wall, as the chimney is basically located right at the head of my bed, one floor below.

    So after reviewing the video from my 2nd post, you guys think this has to do with some kind of pipe expanding, and very unlikely that it's actually water dripping?

    It's just that I had to replace the entire Jacuzzi tub in the master on-suite just two weeks ago, due to water leakage from the pump, and now I'm just paranoid on any potential water damages.
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      Re: Dripping sound in the wall

      open the wall, wait and look

      ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder


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        Re: Dripping sound in the wall

        when did you first notice the sound? how long have you lived in the house? is it a new thing, change of schedule for you or something, that you are home in bed to hear it at 9-11 am? what else changed around the time you first noticed the sound? any work done in that area?

        I'm not looking for specific answers to those questions. I am trying to lead you into thinking about whether the sound is new or not, and, if new, what else may have changed around the time it showed up that may be a clue to its cause.

        Age of house and type of construction? drywall, etc? lath and plaster? old old house that could have something abandoned in the wall? again no specific direction here just focusing thought.

        could it be drips from frost or something melting with the sun coming up and getting in the chimney?

        others are right that expansion creaks sound like drips.

        previous post (open wall) could perhaps be done in an easily repaired manner... is there baseboard that coud be popped off to let you into the wall w/o requiring drywall repair?
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          Re: Dripping sound in the wall

          What type of pipe do you have in the wall?

          A pressure gauge screwed onto a hose bibb will tell you if there is a leak.

          Attach gauge, turn on bibb, turn off main supply, watch needle.