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  • Auto Gate Valve Question

    I work for a civil engineering co. (no, I'm not an engineer) and we have a client whose basement sewer backs up when it rains. He had a check valve installed but debris (paper?) gets caught on the flapper and prevents it from closing. He also installed a manual gate valve which works when he is home and remembers to close it. I found an automatic gate valve manufactured by JR Smith and was wondering if anyone has any experience with it? The info is attached, if you can't read it the link is:

    I'm trying to avoid the other option we are looking at:to put a grinder pump package outside the home, but I'm not sure about pumping the effluent against the flow when it rains.
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    Re: Auto Gate Valve Question

    I'm not experienced with the product you posted but any grinder pump you put in will have enough guts to push against the flow of the main pipe.

    We have many pumped laterals where I am. There is no problem in the houses BUT the pump runs near continuously during periods of heavy rains. There is also the little tidbit of the manhole covers being blown off by overloaded mains. The towns have recently been upgrading the pipes to help mitigate the problem.

    ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder