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  • want to be a plumber

    hey i have a question. I want to become a plumber just like my father with over 30 years of experience (25 in poland) but i dont know where to start like where should i go to school? is and community college offer or maybe warner pacific university i have work with my dad for more than 10 years and i know he is not gonna live forever so im planning to take over his comstruction and plumbing business.
    please help and thank you

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    Re: want to be a plumber

    most trade schools only give you the basics. You should have more than that already with the 10 years of working for your Dad. Get a copy of the code book. Study it, take the tests needed by your municipality or state. Earn the license and apply it as you work more in the company. It's also helpful if you have employees that do plumbing. (if they are inexperienced or bullsh1tters).

    if you do go to school, take courses in business management, accounting, math and the related fields.

    ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder