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Old MIA well

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  • Old MIA well

    Q1. How do you find an old well (we have made quite a mess digging & searching)

    Q2. Once found, what do you do with it in Mid MI or how do you know if it is safe to still be used. Probably over 50 years old, not working for the last 8 years but at a cottage we didn't need the water so put this off due to cost.
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    Re: Old MIA well

    If there are metal pipes or wire going to it one should be able to locate with a proper locater tool,

    some people can witch things like that,

    It may be recorded at the health department or some thing to give it location,

    as to the quality of water and the quality of well, one could just have to have the water tested, and pump the well to find out,
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      Re: Old MIA well

      It might show on a lot survey or plot plan.

      With a locator as BHD said you should be able to find it or maybe with a metal detector you could find the casing ifmits metal.

      I'm taking it there was never anything above grade since you can't find it. Was there a pump house covering a pit that was filled in or something to that affect. If thats the case it may be harder to locate. Any old photos that might show something helpful in the background? How about a neighbor who kight know where it was.

      So what's in the corner where the hole is and all the standing water, and what are those pipes about?
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        Re: Old MIA well

        Where was the pump for this well? Was it inside the home (jet pump)? If it was a jet pump you may only have a hand driven well, in which case may only be a 1 to 2" diameter pipe in the ground.

        If you had a submersible setup then try a cheap handheld metal detector to locate the metal of the cap or casing. It will be at least a 5" diameter casing for a 4" submersible pump.

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