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Induction Clamp and ST-510 transmitter

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  • Induction Clamp and ST-510 transmitter

    I just got my ST-510 transmitter and the 4" induction clamp. The transmitter works great when using the 2 wires but when I tried to clamp the copper pipe it would not induce it. What am I doing wrong?
    I set it to 33khz. I tried 8khz too. Thanks

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    Re: Induction Clamp and ST-510 transmitter

    If the lights on the clamp are on then you are plugged in properly and have power. If one light is out your clamp is not fully closed. Always double check to make sure your transmitter and receiver are on the same frequency. When using the clamp, the target conductor should be grounded at each end. In other words, you can't use it on stub-out that is not connected to anything on one end. The current will need a path to ground in order to flow and create a signal.