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Ground Water coming up floor drain

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  • Ground Water coming up floor drain

    My basement has flooded due to the recent heavy rain we have been having. Water is coming up a floor drain in the basement floor. We are on septic but this drain is not hooked up to the septic. The only thing connected to the drain is the washer. It empties out into a ditch on the property line. What is causing so much water to enter the basement. The last plumber that came out said he could not snake it because it was plastic. Help, this clean up job is costing me over $5,000.

    We did have the drain plugged but it obviously isn't holding.

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    Re: Ground Water coming up floor drain

    It's simple - the drain is plugged/broken, or the water at the exit is higher than the entrance. Even corrugated plastic can be snaked. The plumber will have to take it easy though. Call a new plumber to have it snaked or jetted from the exit side (ditch).

    ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder