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Basement egress drainage

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  • Basement egress drainage

    I have a 9-year old house with an unfinished basement that is completely below grade. In order to finish it, I need to install Egress. My preference for egress is a door because the current basement stairs (inside the house) will not accommodate pool table/large furniture/etc... My question is about drainage from the outside stairwell that I will need to construct. My contractor wants to bring the drainage (rainwater, snow melt, etc.) to my existing inside sump, which I don't believe has ever had a drop of water in it after nine years. I am extremely averse to bringing water into the house. Is there any way to install a sump pump beneath the stairs that I won't have to worry about freezing? I live in the Philadelphia area, where temps routinely dip below freezing in the winter, and potentially for weeks on end. HELP!!!!!

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    Re: Basement egress drainage

    I'm sorry but He's an IDIOT ! We use soil techs on our job , and that's against the law here. Down leaders from the roof are never allowed to enter foundation drains ! The last thing You want to do is channel this water into Your basement.
    Invest in a Geo Tech , And He should overlook all installations,and sign off before backfill. Don't heed this and You'll remember Me FOREVER each winter ! Good luck
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      Re: Basement egress drainage

      i don't know why but this thread subject duplicates one in the Open Discussion forum.
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