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  • Washlets @ Costco

    I recall seeing on here somewhere that Costco sold washlets and when I checked it out it looks like they only sell the high end Toto. The cheaper models are brands I've never heard of (Brondell etc). Anyone familiar with these brands and any feedback on them?

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    Re: Washlets @ Costco

    I was recently looking at them as well. As I recall, Rick purchased an off brand at Costco to compare it to a Toto.

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      Re: Washlets @ Costco

      We bought the AMDM IntelliSeat washlet at Costco for $199. Six months later it was $150.
      Works well! The heated seat is nice in our cold house.
      The only difficulty was getting a dedicated 15-amp circuit to and installing a 117VAC outlet behind the 2nd floor toilet.
      A nightlight plugged into that GFI outlet lights the WC. (This is a real water closet with only a toilet behind a closed door. People with claustrophobia would not like it.)


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        Re: Washlets @ Costco

        They don't seem to have that brand anymore. I may just end up getting one of the cheaper Totos online. I also had to end up putting in a circuit/outlet for this as there was no outlet near the toilet.

        I recall that the toilet in a hotel I stayed at in Tokyo about 15 years ago had a washlet but I did not get around to experimenting with it.