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Curb Stop Valve Access Cleanout

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  • Curb Stop Valve Access Cleanout

    It turns out the plug to the pipe that leads down to the curb stop valve out in front of my house got busted somehow. Now the pipe is plugged with whatever crud made it's way in there so the valve is inaccessible. The only reason I even new about it was because the city water guys came by and painted the cap and then sent me a letter telling me to clean out the pipe and replace the cap within 30 days or else they would do it (at a cost).

    How do I clean this pipe out? I'm not sure how long the pipe is down to the valve. I shined a flashlight down the pipe and all I could see was standing water about two feet down. I thought I might be able to stick a shop vac hose down there but the pipe is too narrow.

    How would a plumber clean this out? Would it be costly?

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    Re: Curb Stop Valve Access Cleanout

    call a plumber with a jetter, or get a narrower shop vac hose and a sturdy bar to help break up the hard stuff.

    in my area all the water parts up to the curb stop are the responsibility of the water co. they only charge you for cleaning/digging if they can prove the pipe was filled maliciously.

    ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder


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      Re: Curb Stop Valve Access Cleanout

      Interesting, I pulled up the Metropolitan Utilities District of Omaha and their web site says the home owner is responsible for their service from the corp valve on the water main to the house. So the owners are on the hook for fixing the curb stop.

      From what I can find the frost line for Omaha, NE is about 4 feet so your pipe will be at least that deep maybe more if you have a full basement and the pipe comes in at floor level.

      When the our city cleans them out (they are responsible for the line up to and including the curb stop), they come by with a "Vactor" suck truck and use its jetter to flush the crud loose. If you have a pressure washer or can rent/ borrow one you may be able to flush the crud loose on your own.

      You said that you have to replace the cap so you may need a plumber to provide one of those if you can't get one retail.


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        Re: Curb Stop Valve Access Cleanout

        Duct tape a section of 1/2" pex to your shop vac hose and put that down the curb stop. It will clog the tip I am sure so you will have to keep taking it out. If your very lucky none of the crud passed the rod within the pipe you can see, if it has I see the water dept showing up with a back hoe.
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