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clothes washer drain questions

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  • clothes washer drain questions

    we have a washer and when it is used it smells like sewer gas when in use.

    the drain pipe has a cheater valve on the top of the drain pipe.

    could the cheater valve be removed and have a 90 degree elbow put on it and then vented thru the outside wall or will I have to look at having it vented out side thru the roof like a normal sewer vent?
    The washer and dryer are located on the main level of a 2 storey house. I just want to get rid of the smell when it is being used

    I am in Ontario Canada, if the plumbing code matters

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    Re: Defective "cheater valve"?

    Can you clean it and check that it is working properly?
    Any windows near the proposed vent termination?
    I'd take an educated guess - but I'm unqualified.
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      Re: Defective "cheater valve"?

      it sounds more like your washer to me
      Most the new ones have a clean cycle that you just add bleach too
      They smell real bad when the muck builds up in them


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        Re: Defective "cheater valve"?

        the cheater valve only lets air IN. if it is old it may be leaking air out. Your washer machine SHOULD have a trap on the pipe someplace. Most washer drains I have seen are at least 42" long before the trap at the bottom. The pipe should be 2" in diameter. The washer should not be directly connected and sealed to the drain pipe.

        Delcase has a good point too.

        ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder