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  • ridgid RD8000 Generator

    I have a Ridgid, RD8000, EX40 OHC generator. I am looking for the spark plug wire to replace the original one, does anyone know where to get one or what the part number would be?
    The spring loaded igniter cap piece broke causing the spark plug boot to vibrate off the spark plug thus causing the engine to stop.

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    Re: ridgid RD8000 Generator

    Just guessing here but I would guess you could go to an auto parts store and buy a new clip for the spark plug, (it may be some different in look) and crimp on the wire,

    and it may be possible to take a small screw driver or knife and open up the crimp on the original and crimp it back on,

    many times when one buys spark plug wires the ends are not on them, for auto replacement.

    do not know about the Ridgid but most of the time the spark plug wire is part of the coil or magneto winding and not a separate replaceable part,

    if still under warranty it most likely is covered by the warranty.
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      Re: ridgid RD8000 Generator

      Thanks BHD for the response. The thing is the plug wire end has a threaded part with springs attached ,( I guess to keep tension on the plug connector) The opposite side of the spark plug wire disappears into the engine and looks like a real pain to get to. I was thinking of getting a new wire and screwing out the brass cap with springs assembly and just screwing it into the attached wire already there. Has anyone experienced this problem before? Can I just get that brass screw cap part or do I need the whole spark plug wire? Thanks in advance for any help with this one.Ray


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        Re: ridgid RD8000 Generator

        It sounds like you're trying to describe the plastic spark plug cap assembly (yes, it contains a brass fixture and a spring) that screws onto the spark plug wire.

        If so, the spark plug cap assembly is available as a replacement part.
        Robin/Subaru part number 065-50003-11
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          Re: ridgid RD8000 Generator

          Thanks "Doctordeere", that's exactly the thing I was trying to explain! I will go to Google and then Robin/Subaru and try to order that part, again thank you very much! Ray.
          PS, I'll let you all know how it works out when I get the part and put it on.