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sump pump or illegal well?

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  • sump pump or illegal well?

    Friend bought a house and the water table is very high,
    before buying realtor said the basement only had water in it once in the last 10 years or so,

    but he was told the realtor that the guy who had it before had put in an illegal irrigation well, and it had been caped over,

    what the "irrigation well" was a sump pump in the basement.

    Friend broke out the cement cap, and hook up the sump pump, and is pumping about 3 gallons a min, 24/7, that keeps the water level so it does not come up in the cement floor,

    when the farmers start to irrigate the water level rises, under the house, (Flood irrigation)

    the discussion has been possible a French drain on the out side, of the house put the drain a little below the footer, now in the summer it would most likely pump 24/7,

    currently he is watering the yard and garden with the water, but if he would open up the other sump holes he would be pumping more water, (I am guessing to get ride of the water he could run it back in to the irrigation ditch in front of the house.

    so the question is what is a sump pump/ or French drain and what is an illegal well?

    so far he has not been able to use the basement since he does not know what will happen and the floor is wet in places,
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    Re: sump pump or illegal well?

    Sounds like the realtor screwed him over!

    Sump pump..........A hole that extends below the basement floor with a pump in it to pump out any water that may seep into the basement.

    French drain.........A pipe (around here 4" black corrugated with holes in it) that is laid on top of the footer against the foundation wall and covered with gravel, any ground water that might drain towards the house will be piped away before it can settle and seep into the basement/crawl space.

    Illegal well..........the realtors way of saying you got problems.


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      Re: sump pump or illegal well?

      Originally posted by BHD View Post
      what is an illegal well?

      an illegal well is a well where it is not permitted by code or other ordinance. most wells around here are not permitted to be in the cellar. however, pits that are used for sump purposes can be used for irrigation of farms, gardens, grass, etc. no potable use is permitted. also, no cross connections to any municipal water source is allowed.

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