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  • question for a friend

    he needs to replace his house's sewer pipe. Is 'trenchless' worth it or is it better to pay more for a cast iron pipe? is his question. your thoughts? thanks.

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    Re: question for a friend

    trenchless falls under 2 different processes. lining and pipe bursting.

    i do pipe bursting and the material of choice is hdpe. it's slick and totally bullet proof. you can beat on it with a sledge hammer all day long and you won't hurt it.

    lining is only as good as the prep and condition of the original host pipe. it just lines the defects and will mimics the defects and offsets.

    for me, pipe bursting is far superior to lining.

    of course a dig and replace method is also good, but labor intensive and hard on the landscaping.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: question for a friend

      Not jumping on your opinion Rick but more information please. Could be a two metre long dig as opposed to 500mtrs to the boundary point. What is the condition of the area.
      BTW Rick, what don't you have in your tool-bag.
      We will have to postpone the Round-up downunder until we can finance the Antinov to pack you up and bring you down here..............!!!!! heheheehehehehehe


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        Re: question for a friend

        Is trenchless worth it?

        Well it depends. First to do trenchless, the existing sewer has to be in a certain condition to be able to do it, not EVERY sewer can be done. Some have bellies, improper fall and the like. So if it is even a candidate then it's really up to the person paying.

        Several pros to trenchless, like minimal destruction. Also some cons. Can be more expensive. If there is nothing in the way, like trees or buildings or anything, traditional trenching can be much cheaper.
        But, traditional trenching is by far uglier. It is a better process imo. The kind I used to do there would be 1/8 inch ridges left inside the pipe. While not a big issue, I didn't like it.

        There is never really a black and white situation with this, like anything else. Depends honestly on budget. Doesn't matter which is better if you can't afford one way or the other.


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          Re: question for a friend

          thanks everyone. I passed the info on to my friend. he now has to decide what to do.