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246 pipe cutter frozen/locked

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  • 246 pipe cutter frozen/locked

    Made a few cuts no problem. Last cut the cutters got locked up. I can't get it to open up no matter what I do. The button is stuck on cut and the ratchet arm does not move at all. Does anyone have any ideas??

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    Re: 246 pipe cutter frozen/locked

    Please try the following procedure.

    1. Pullupward on the directional knob to relieve pressure on the spring

    2. Whilelifting up on the knob, push upward on the ratchet handle. This should allowyou to turn the knob back to the open position (arrow pointing away from theratchet handle)

    3. Oncethe knob is pointing away from the handle, pump the handle in an upward directionto open the tool. If it is still jammed too tightly, place a piece of pipearound the handle.

    If the tool hasalready been removed from the pipe, secure the tool into a bench mounted visewhile performing this procedure