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Warranty Programs for outside Sewer Lines - scam???

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  • Warranty Programs for outside Sewer Lines - scam???

    Just received a letter today (I would classify it as spam/scam) from a company called Service Line Warranties of America Inc claiming to provide for a monthly fee coverage for fixing of the outside portion of the sewer line from between the house to the city's sewer connection if needed.

    It claims to be "endorsed" by our city and provides a link page although the city's website is down at the moment so I cannot verify what it says. The it goes on to say that the city has no liability or responsibility for the program being provided

    Anyone heard about this kind of thing? I've heard of home warranty programs and while I do not have one I have known others who had them and had only bad things to say about the coverage. Most recently someone I know who had one of these plans call for service for a faucet repair and then be told that it as not covered but still charged A $75 call out fee.

    Has anyone heard of this company and for that matter warranty programs that only cover the outside portion of utility service?

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    Re: Warranty Programs for outside Sewer Lines - scam???

    Does the letter say ? Every ones a loser


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      Re: Warranty Programs for outside Sewer Lines - scam???

      The co. Is legit based on my reading from many sites. Waiting for a return call to discuss the details and terms of coverage.


      Ok, just got off the phone. They're a growing co. And Los Angeles, is not part of their coverage yet. So couldn't get real specific. But they have policies for water mains, gas mains and sewer mains. Sewers are the most expensive as they will cover up to $4, 000 on property and additional $4, 000 in the public right of way. No out of pocket deductibles. Prices outside of la run anywhere from $6-10 a month.

      They hire local screened contractors. Sounds like the auto club.

      If this turns out to be the real thing with no strings attached, it will put our drain cleaning business in jeopardy. Think about it. For the cost of lets say $120. A year, the outside sewer is covered for everything it sounds like. Of course they dont cover inside drains or area drains, yet.

      Almost sounds too good to be true. I think there is a 30 day wait period for a policy to start.

      Lets hope they stay away from your town.

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        Re: Warranty Programs for outside Sewer Lines - scam???

        Yes Rick everything you say is what I read in the letter. I also visited their website and saw they cover gas, water and sewer. However, the letter I got only is for sewer coverage. And the cost is $9/month or $103/year.

        Our city's website is up and I did find the following - Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) | Corporate Partnership Program

        Now what's unclear is if the blockage spans inside and outside how is that handled?

        Most home warranty programs to me don't seem to be worth the money - most people I know who have those and tried to claim on them have run into problems where the co tries to get out of paying. To me it makes more sense to save the money and buy new appliances every few years.


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          Re: Warranty Programs for outside Sewer Lines - scam???

          they were in my area a few years back offering coverage on water services and sewer,haven't really heard or seen much of them since
          Steve in the trade since 73 doing new residential/Commercial work


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            Re: Warranty Programs for outside Sewer Lines - scam???

            There is one in my area.
            They have a contract with the details spelled out. You could call for clarification, if you have questions.
            The one hear does not cover general maintenance of the sewer line. For example cutting roots.
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              Re: Warranty Programs for outside Sewer Lines - scam???

              Several towns in my area have brought these companies in. They feel it will help the residents save money if the sewer needs to be repaired. They also cover rodding here. I have not signed up to be a service provider with any of the companies.