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Thermal Expansion Tank for water hammer?

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  • Thermal Expansion Tank for water hammer?

    Is a Thermal Expansion Tank an good way of eliminating water hammer? If used for this purpose can it be installed just like a typical one?

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    Re: Thermal Expansion Tank for water hammer?

    you're up late or early too?

    basically a thermal expansion tank is very similar to a water hammer arrestor. thermal expansion tanks are typically just an air bladder tank approx. 2-4 gallons.

    modern hammer arrestors are very small and are typically nitrogen filled. don't need to be charged up.

    water hammer arrestors typically install close to the fast closing fixtures. such as a washing machine, dishwasher, automatic sprinklers and in some cases a toilet. hard to hide or conceal a thermal expansion tank. also they will go bad and need to be replaced.

    try it and see if it helps. it should help some, but might not solve a loose pipe bang.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Thermal Expansion Tank for water hammer?

      Up early, What are good nitrogen filled arrestors? I might give the expansion tank a try but not shire where to locate the tank. My understanding is that thermal expansion tanks are required when a check valve is installed in my case in the meter. Is there an easy way to determine if my meter has a check valve in it or is a photo the best option?


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        Re: Thermal Expansion Tank for water hammer?

        Home Chepo Has Souix City SCREW ON arrestors that go between your washing machine shut off valves and hoses.
        Good simple start, and My be all You need . Good luck. P.S. water pressure regulator should be set at 60 PSI Pick up a screw on water pressure guage there ,if You don't have one. About $5.00 Me thinks. Off 2 Gym.
        I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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          Re: Thermal Expansion Tank for water hammer?

          Tool is back and as sharp as ever.

          As tool mentioned a pressue gauge screwed onto a hose bibb is a good start to detemine pressue and necessary to set your air charge on the tank. Do you have a pressure regulator? If so what is the inlet/ high presure and the outlet/ low pressure readings.

          Buy a gauge with a cheater needle on it and let it stay connected overnight to get a high side reading. The will also help determine if there is a check valve based on your readings.

          Are you sure its not for a castle in ireland. If so tool knows castles and I'll fuel up the jet to help out.

          Your water supplier would also know if the meters have check valves.

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          phoebe it is


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            Re: Thermal Expansion Tank for water hammer?

            Hope you are paying the right rego fees on the jet Rick................!!!!!hahahaahahahahahaha
            Seriously I was just going to pipe in wit the pressure issue. Amazing how many old school think that you get over flow problems by increasing pressure. Right size pipes and good layout will never fail. Hindsight is always 20/20 vision but. Personally as Rick said wouldn't waste time with expansion tank unless you are a charity supporting someone making huge bucks selling these tanks.


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              Re: Thermal Expansion Tank for water hammer?

              No pressure regulator and I'm 90% certain I don't have a check valve. I think I will leave it be I went years without and it hasn't created any big problems yet.
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