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Replacement toilet seats

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  • Replacement toilet seats

    Been looking around for a repalcement seat for one of the toilets in our house.
    It's an American Standard from late 80s, model number on the tank is 4049
    and the color I think is Candlelyght or something similar, maybe Bermuda Coral.

    Wife wants seat color to match the toilet and ll the other fixtures in the room, so
    trying to find a wood seat (which is what I believe is on there now) seems to be
    near impossible. I can find plastic seats, but we don't want plastic. Maybe I'm
    wrong and it is a plastic seat.

    Problem is one of the hinges broke, the seat itself is fine. Don't know how it got
    broke, nobody is owning up to it but doesn't matter in the long run I guess anyway,
    it's broke now so need to fix it.

    I've looked on Bemis and Church websites (same company I think aren't they?)
    and it seems that the colors are only available in plastic except for an off white or bone.

    I wonder if there's any new old stock to be had anywhere. Probably have to search far
    and wide for that.
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    Re: Replacement toilet seats

    Church and Bemis are the same. If you want an exact color match it would probably have to be plastic. What you had was likely enameled wood. BUT, if you still have the old seat, I would take it to a local hydrocoat applier and have them match the color to a new wood seat. It's supposed to be a very durable system and uses water to lay a film over an oddly shaped or sized base. It's often used for guns, truck bumpers, and athletic gear.

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      Re: Replacement toilet seats

      To each his/her own but I prefer plastic seats over wood ones. Granted, they are more costly initially but I find that they last longer than the wood one which kind of evens it out in the long run.
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        Re: Replacement toilet seats

        Bemis had a program at 1 time that they sold color chips and you matched the color, filled out the form and mailed it in. Iirc it was approx. $40.00.

        Plastic is the way to go. Wood is typically pressed wood and rots.

        S long as you have a standard round or elongated toilet bowl, no problems. There are some specialized seats for high end american standard, kohler, case and others that could run several hundred if you can still find them.

        But then again you could always go with a toto bidet seat.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Replacement toilet seats

          They still have that program. You can also order 5 color chips for $5 which you
          get back when you order. The seat sure seems like its wood, but maybe its plastic.
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            Re: Replacement toilet seats

            your going with the right brand, stay away from the Comfort brand, even with a locking washer they still seen to back off and stay loose, they are the worlds worst that I have found, just my 2 cents worth.