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Condensation on PVC drain

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  • Condensation on PVC drain

    We've got an undercounter icemaker in the kitchen and the melt water drains to the main drain system. In the crawlspace last week I noticed what I at first thought was a leak at the trap but realized it was just condensation on the cold PVC. Is there anything that can be done to prevent this? The crawlspace measures at around 60 percent humidity using a cheapo hygrometer if that helps,

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    Re: Condensation on PVC drain

    you should be able to insulate the pvc waste pipe and that should help with condensation dripping off the pipe.

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      Re: Condensation on PVC drain

      you can get foam pipe wrap or mini fiberglass rolls. the most important part of the insulation process is making sure all seams are sealed. mini-fiberglass usually uses plastic sheeting while foam may self seal or require tape or adhesive as an extra.

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