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Wall Mount 8" faucet with male connectors

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  • Wall Mount 8" faucet with male connectors

    Hi does anybody know of any wall mount 8" faucet with male (eccentric*) connections on the faucet itself besides B&K/Muellers 123-009? All the store brands, AS and PP and even the B&K that looks like PP all have female (regular) connections on the faucet. B&K's cartridges if you can even call them that go bad fast and has other issues.

    Currently it has this type of connection. I don't want to risk changing the flanges to regular connections with old galvy pipe in risking breaking the 90 when I remove the old rusty nipples. It comes through a tile backsplash. Behind the backsplash is the outside of the second floor unit. Access is bad either breaking the tile or the outside stucco wall. Even heating it and then using my Proto IP remover is scary. Replacing the B&K once more complete, but if it goes bad once again then I won't have a choice.

    Thank You

    *This is what B&K call it, I call it f in stupid. Although the one with this connection that was there originally lasted for around 15 years. I have no idea what brand it was, or who installed it. But it looked like a regular PP.
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    Re: Wall Mount 8" faucet with male connectors

    This may be a little fancy, but it is male.


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      Re: Wall Mount 8" faucet with male connectors

      Thanks for finding one.

      $607 for a faucet? A little fancy is an understatement. For a tenant in Los Angeles renting an apartment, No.


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        Re: Wall Mount 8" faucet with male connectors

        Used to be commercial kitchen/restaurant faucets available like this. They had an eccentric union connection on the hot and cold.
        The eccentric connection allowed you to level and adjust for a rough-in that was not right on the money and the
        union connection made it easy to remove for repair or replacement if need be.

        Don't remember makes or model numbers, it was 25 years ago I put these in. could have been Kohler but that's just a guess.
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