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Drain Tile layout and install, northern IL

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  • Drain Tile layout and install, northern IL

    Looking to improve on the current homes drainage system. There are two pits currently one with no drain tile just a hole in the bottom and another pit which has about 25 feet for drain tile. Previous homeowner thought the additional pit and limited drain tile would solve the problem. He was a bit wrong.

    Here is the current layout. Existing pit in right corner new pit in left corner with sad attempt at drain tile. Located in about 40 minutes from Chicago. Home was built about 1960.

    Need some help on proper layout to get it right the first time. I would like to know if I need to follow the footing all the way around or if it is common to not follow the footing where a bumpouts exist due to the footprint of the home.

    Here are a couple more images with proposed layout of drain tile.

    This one shortcuts the bump outs. Will require more work due to well tank softener among other items being in the way and need to be removed to cut floor.


    This layout would follow basement perimeter all the way around.


    I plan to keep both pits but go with larger ones to reduce cycling time on the pumps and so if one quits another might be able to help since they will be connected.

    Install of drain tile itself was to look as follows. Please let me know if anything should be added or changed. I have seen the new formed plastic pieces that butt up to the edge of the foundation but they seem to be installed by the basement waterproofing contractors only. If I can source the formed channels are they superior to the more common 4" drain tile setup? but using SDR35 with perforated holes and mesh covering.

    The only other question I had is it typical to break up the concrete above the footing and install the corrugated plastic to let the wall weep water into the draintile incase the foundation wall forms a crack?

    Is it incorrect to just cutout a 12" wide path just inside the footing ledge and lay in the drain tile and not breakup the cement above footing and negate the corrugated plastic and poly on the wall.

    If I am not clear in my question please ask and I will do my best to clear up my shortfalls.