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Grief replacing a hot water heater.

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  • Grief replacing a hot water heater.

    I have a Kenmore[?] brand gas fired 50 gallon hot water heater. It's around 8 years old and
    it's leaking at the base. Not a problem, I have the Sears home repair/replacement program.

    I called Sears and after over an hour on the telephone finally set up a repair appointment.

    This is where it gets messy.....

    The tech arrived 2 days later! looked at my old water heater and said he can't replace it as it does not
    meet code! I said I'm grandfathered. I even showed him my 1997 building permit green tag!

    HUH? The house was built in 1966, since 1987 I have had Kenmore water heaters
    This is my second one.
    The water heater is located in a closet area in the main hallway. the area has a floor drain
    and the room does have a curb.

    The tech said the pressure relief line must drain "outside" I said that's impossible as this
    water heater is in the middle of the house!

    I asked for any options he said maybe I can route the drain directly to the floor drain..I said OK
    He also said copper or CPVC only no PEX? ??????
    I said OK do it ..he said "I can't" Then I realized he's not a licensed plumber!!!!
    He's a drone from a major service company contracted by Sears!
    I told him only a licensed plumber can connect or disconnect the gas line...he stared at me
    I asked if he can just leave the new hot water heater he said no!
    At this point I showed him the door. I called Sears service again and the games began!

    If I did not want a licensed plumber to do the work I am fully capable to replacing a
    water heater myself! In a former life I was diesel-fitter...Yep! I worked at the Hanes
    panty hose factory and right before packaging I would hold up the panty hose
    and go "yup..diesel-fitter" and then they would package the panty hose for shipment!

    Simply put I have the tools and knowledge to unscrew a flex gas line, replace it using the
    correct pipe dope and Teflon tape and test it for leaks at the connection!
    BUT I'd prefer to have a licensed plumber with pipe fitting certification make that
    connection to ensure my homeowner's insurance does not have a hissy fit should
    something happen!

    So... I finally had Sears agree to contact one of their plumbing contracts to do the
    "special-unusual" hot water heater installation! I'm now waiting again.

    By the way Monday the water heater failed and Around 8a.m. this all started. I was told I'd not have any service until maybe Friday! This is unacceptable! but I'm stuck.

    Oh I even removed the accordian door and placed a small pump to help the person drain the tank!

    I estimate from start to finish this job may take a bit over an hour. the water heater is a 4" lift to the hallway floor and then a short run to the front door and outside!

    Finally Sears' call center for service is in the Philippines!!!! their contractor center at least for Phoenix is in
    Tempe, AZ.

    Maybe I should have simply said "screw the service contract" and gone to Home Depot and simply purchase
    a new 50 gallon hot water heater! This would then simply be a morning job not a 5 day period without hot water ugh!

    rant over!

    Cactus Man

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    Re: Grief replacing a hot water heater.

    Yes you finally getting to where sears wants you, pissed off enough to go and do it yourself so they can save money on that service plan they sold you on !
    Jerry Mac
    MAC SALES 777


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      Re: Grief replacing a hot water heater.

      I feel your pain, Cactus Man.

      My wife and I have been trying to get Sears appliance service to install a part on our stove for over a week now. We've dealt with a cancellation, an incorrectly scheduled appointment (by Sears) that conflicted with our schedule and just a general lack of communication on the part of Sears. They're an absolute joke of a service provider, IMO.

      BTW, you probably have already figured this out for yourself, but that service tech is an idiot and has no business telling you what code is on a water heater since he's not licensed and certainly not knowledgeable.

      Good luck getting your WH problem taken care of promptly.


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        Re: Grief replacing a hot water heater.

        After 2 blown appointments on my new fridge, I went back to sears and they delivered a new fridge to replace the 6 month old fridge. With my dryer they mailed the new part and I installed it.

        Most of these warrnty contracts are a joke. See if they will cash you out.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Grief replacing a hot water heater.

          You have amazing patience . I like "Here's Johnny " With a chain saw, at the Sears center HOT LINE !
          I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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            Re: Grief replacing a hot water heater.

            Hire a true pro. They would never leave you hanging for a week.