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Page two on hot water heater grief!

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  • Page two on hot water heater grief!

    you can all me "stinky" as I have not showered for almost a week!
    Last Monday morning my Sears Kenmore water heater failed!

    you can read my previous post!

    Well I still do not have a hot water heater! and it's Friday afternoon!!!!
    The same "American Homes Service" will..rather, might be here Saturday
    To install a new water heater...This is the same outfit that refused the installation the first time
    saying my water heater is not code compliant! and not a licensed plumber!!!

    I looked up my city code and oh exact replacement water heater does not need a permit
    of course it does need a permit if you change structure or run a new gas line..but a simple
    replacement does not...and my pressure relief drain is just fine! It's 6" above the floor and there is a floor drain!

    Today, Friday morning a Sears blue service ???? guy came here to verify the water heater was leaking.
    He attached a green label indicating this is to be replace..he can't do the work huh???? This
    took him 15 minutes from start to pulling out of my driveway.

    Sears will not guarantee a licensed plumber will do the installation rather
    a technician from American home Services!!!!

    I even tried to negotiate with them offering to go to my local Sears to pick up
    the water heater and have my own plumber do the work!

    They refused and said if I go that route they warranty the water heater one year!!!!
    My service agreement will be void even though it's good until 2016!

    So..I'm between a rock and a hard place and I'm pretty gamey too!

    Now I looked at Lowe's and Home Depot for 50 gallon natural gas water heaters.

    What the hell is going on??????

    First, most now only offer a 6 year warranty
    Any brand and any price from $500.00 up all have
    horrible reviews and horror stories regarding any service provided

    I remember when a water heater would last 15-20 years or longer
    Now they are all junk? Is this because we have gone from a service
    society to a throw away society?

    I'll stop here as I'm tired, I desperately need a shower, need to wash dishes, need to do
    laundry and I smell worse than the Neapolitan Mastiffs I have!

    Whirlpool, Kenmore, GE, Reem are they really all junk?

    I will loudly state that I'll never NEVER recommend anything from SEARS
    I don't care if it's underwear or a Craftsman wrench ....The SEARS of 2014
    is definitely not the SEARS I grew up with that stood behind their products
    and provided "timely qualified service"

    I'll be cutting up my SEARS charge card..the one I've owned since the 1960's
    Never again will SEARS get any of my business

    HEY, I'm stinky, dirty and have no hot water so yep I'm angry and not nice!

    Cactus Man

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    Re: Page two on hot water heater grief!

    Sounds like one should steer clear from Sears' "Service" contracts from your experience.

    A good water heater today lasts about 15+- years in my experience. Depending on water chemistry, temperature, pressure, use. (Rheem or Bradford White only. About every other brand I've seen premature failures in my opinion. Using the 15 year benchmark.)

    Rheem actually makes some of the others' water heaters & rebrands them. I have had good service from Rheem regardless of what you may read. I pretty much put them in and don't go back. No callbacks. I did have a premature leaker last year. Replaced it the same day for the customer.

    To answer your question, water heater tanks have been de-engineered in my opinion and experience to fail quicker.


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      Re: Page two on hot water heater grief!

      You should report your experience to the local and state code enforcement as to non-licensed work being authorized as well.


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        Re: Page two on hot water heater grief!

        out here in calif, home depot got into a lot of trouble many years back for installing water heaters with just a general contractors license. you need to be a plumbing contractor/ c-36 to install a water heater unless you're performing 3 major trades on the project. then a general contractor can do the work.

        most home warranty contracts are a joke and most people find that out once they need to use it.

        I honestly can't think of 1 customer that renews their home warranty contract.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Page two on hot water heater grief!

          American Home Shield is the biggest joke out there. They use the lowest priced hacks available to do the work. If you can cash out of the contract, do so, then install your own tank.

          Most tanks now come standard with a 6 year warranty. Adding another anode rod and/or registering will get you more. Rheem/Ruud IMHO are the best out there and have been the most reliable for me. Though only rated for 6 years you should be able to get more than that out of it. American Water Heater products are rebranded under many many names. Whirlpool, US Crapmaster, etc. have had problems in the past, generally localized to certain areas of the country, with thermocouples, gas valves or safeties.

          As with most things, proper installation and maintenance is key.

          ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder


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            Re: Page two on hot water heater grief!

            Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post

            most home warranty contracts are a joke and most people find that out once they need to use it.

            I honestly can't think of 1 customer that renews their home warranty contract.

            One of my friends had one when he bought his home (it seems common here since I was also provided a one year contract compliments of the seller). In the first year the oven door broke (it was an ancient oven by all accounts) and when the guy turned up to fix he accused them them of breaking the door. Cannot recall if it got fixed under warranty. Of course he did not renew.

            I also saw no point in renewing mine when the time came. I thought it would make more sense to put aside the money you pay for the policy aside and buy yourself new appliances every so many years.


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              Re: Page two on hot water heater grief!

              That totally sucks! I whose out of hot water for about 3 days and that sucked. What I would do is hire a plumber and have him install a Bradford White water heater. Pickup the new heater from Sears and sell it NIB and be done with it.

              Sears and Kmart just keep slipping! Craftsman is falling to the bottom fast all sow.