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WC flange below new floor level

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  • WC flange below new floor level

    Hi. I just laid ceramic tile, raising the floor level enough that the drain (and flange) is now about an inch (+/-) below finish floor.

    I thought the plastic adaptor with gaskets would be long enough to accomodate the change, but now it looks to me as if it won't allow a seal between the commode outlet and the drain.

    What can I install to get the connection tight?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Lowe's has what you need. It looks like a flange, but it is just a ring. They have various thicknesses. Use silicone caulk, line up your bolts, and press the extender ring to the flange. It should bring up the flange. I just did the same thing on a remodeling job.
    Just a 1/2 bubble off plumb.


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      If the flange is just an inch below the finish floor all you need to do is use 2 wax rings. This is a common procedure in the trade.
      Len<BR>Midlantic Plumbing & Heating


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        hey joe ..if its a cast oron flange breack it off and put on a new extended flange....if plastic cut it off and put in a longer one..the ridge should lay on the floor,,if you dont want later it right ,,o ring ..(2 wax rings)come on..