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    I'm using a ridgid 1224 pipe threading machine and when I am threading 1/2" or 3/4" pipe it keeps breaking the threads or I just don't get a clean cut. I've tried readjusting the cutters and everything I can think of. I can't figure out if I'm doing something wrong or if its the machine.

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    There are a lot of variables that will contribute to bad threads. I'll list the most common problems and you can check your application. If the problem persists give us a call in technical service at 800-519-3456.

    1)Try different pipe from another source, there is a lot of bad pipe out there.

    2)Be sure you are using a good quality "THREAD CUTTING OIL" motor oil just won't cut it here.

    3)Try a new set of dies, your old set may be worn down to far or possibly defective. Also be sure they are in their designated slots in the die head.

    4)Lastly but very uncommon would be something with the machine. Worn jaws that allow the pipe to slip, a bent or misaligned carriage, and worn spindle bearings that allow the pipe to walk would be things to look for.