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Universal Die Head 811/A,

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  • Universal Die Head 811/A,

    I have a set of dies (#47765). Will these dies work in an old 811 Universal Die Head?

    I guess I am wondering if the 811A dies will work in an 811 UDH?

    Thanks In Advance.

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    Mr. Ross,
    Yes the dies that you have will fit in to an old 811-die head. The main difference between the 811 and the 811A was the fact that the 811A was a through head oiling die head when it was used on the appropriate machine. The dies are interchangeable between an 811 and an 811A.
    I hope this helps.


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      Thanks Adam.

      I installed the dies. However, they will not open far enough to thead 1/2 pipe.

      The dies converge in the center before the minimum adjustment is reached. When the maximum adjustment is reached, the dies are almost open far enough to thread 1/2 pipe.

      (Yes, they are in the prpoerly numbered slots.)

      Any ideas?

      Thanks Again.