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  • Lazey Flushing Toilet

    My toilet will flush fine one time and then very slow / lazy the next time and not even drain all the way?

    I do not feel there is a clog in the line as I can dump a full five gallon bucket of water very fast down the bowl with the toilet flushing too with no problem. I do not feel the holes in the top of the bowl where the water enters in a spiral pattern are blocked. I use a wire to make sure there were no obstructions there. The water level in the tank is as high at it has ever been (near the top).

    Does any one have any suggestions on what I might try next? Can I take a garden hose up on the roof and dump water done the roof vent? I tried a 15’ – 20’ snake up there and do not think it did anything.

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    jackford, you answered almost every question i was going to ask. very sharp.
    but need a little more info.
    how old is the toilet. what brand. is it a 1.6 gallon flush. did the problem happen over a period of time or overnight. are any other fixtures in the house or bathroom affected? will it flush clean water with no paper or waste. ground floor or upper floor.
    answer these and maybe we can hit it on the button the first time around.


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      The main siphon jet for your toilet may well be blocked with build up. On most closets this jet is a visible hole on at the bottom of the bowl about the diameter of a mans thumb. The upper jets create the swirling action to clean the bowl while the bottom jet creates the flow that causes the water in the bowl to siphon out the contaminated contents. If the bottom jet is blocked you can have the symptoms you describe. Checking and clearing this orifice will probably solve your problem.

      There may be an obstruction in the trapway of your bowl. Something that occasionally allows a good siphon but if jarred the wrong way prevents a good flush. Often a closet with this problem can be cleared with a short cable called a closet auger. If it is one of these ridiculous 1.6 gallonn flush toilets you should probably have one of these around anyway.

      The closet itself may need to be pulled and upturned to check for an obstruction at the mouting flange or the elbow directly below the bowl.

      There is a 99.9% probability that the above three actions will solve your problem.
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        The toilet is around twenty years old.

        I do not know what brand it is but it has the traditional look to it.

        It is not a 1.6 gallon flush.

        I would say I noticed the problem over a period of time but not positive on that.

        It does not react any different if it is just water in the bowl that I am flushing.

        It is on the ground floor of a one story house.

        I appreciate your feed back!

        You may be on to something regarding the siphon jet on the bottom. It does not look like much water is being moved through it?


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          As plumber stated you may have an obstruction in the trapway. I have removed all sorts of toys and tooth brushes from water closets. Another posibility is the glazing in the trapway has become rough and is catching paper.

          If you pull your water closet to inspect it and it is clear, set it on some blocks in the frontyard, fill it will water and see how it flushes independant of your waste system.

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            Took a coat hanger and cleaned out the siphon jet. Not a bad flush yet!

            Thank you for your feed back.


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              sounds like a build up of lime deposits. i use a very strong tile cleaner to delime the jetting. as long as it's a white toilet, it doesn't seem to etch the gloss. plunger out the water and pour in the cleaner from the tank flush valve. let sit for about 15 minutes and use a scrub brush. a small section of snake with a protective hose to protect the glazed finish will loosen up the gunk. run lots of water to flush out.