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compensating for new floor

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  • compensating for new floor

    I am renovating my bathroom and am finally getting around to laying the floor.It is 1/4" thick.My question is the toilet is already installed on 1 3/4" plywwod subfoor.Obviously I am going to take up the toilet to lay the floor.To make up for the 1/4" difference should I buy a spacer kit for the flange or could I just use 2 wax rings instead of 1?

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    rockyram, nothing wrong with a double wax ring. i would use a ring with a plastic horn pushed into a regular ring. of course new longer brass bolts too.



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      If you are adding only 1/4 inche to the floor a heavier wax is fine. There is a brand called Johnnie ring that actually makes a thicker wax ring with a horn. Its only about 1 and 1/2 times thicker than a standard ring so its better than doubling two. Too much wax under the toilet can cause problems.
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