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water backing up into sump pump pit

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  • water backing up into sump pump pit

    My sump pump pit has water that is backing up into it and it smells like sewer water when it is pumped out. Had a plummer come in and my lines are not backed up. I did notice when washing machine is on water comes back in after I have wet/vac the pit dry. Have no clue where water is coming from and nither did the plummer. Can you please help.

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    How old is your house? It's possible that there could be a broken pipe under the basement floor that is causing the water to leech over into the sump pit, also causing the smell. Having your line camera'd will tell you that for sure.


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      sugie, the sump pit you're referring to is for what application. rain water or sewage waste? is the discharge line piped to the sewer system?
      is it possible that the check valve is not working properly.
      give a little more info on these questions and it will be easier to come up with the correct solution.