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    My wife and I have been in our first house for about 4 months now.We have a problem with water hammer coming from the hot water side of the kitchen sink.When you turn the tap on or off you can hear kind of a clanging noise.If you turn the faucet on to about halfway the pressure will diminish and then there will be a constant vibrating kind of noise until either it is shut off or the faucet is turned up.The house was built in 1938 but the plumbing was updated in 1987.I just finished renovating the bathroom including moving some plumbing and the line to the kitchen looks good as far as I can see.The kitchen taps are the old style that go into the wall not mounted on the sink.Any ideas?Also I see that Oatey makes a water hammer arrester.Do these work?

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    The water hammer can be fixed by adding the Oatey device as close as possibe to the tap that makes the noise. It is a pressurised air bladder that works by giving the water somewhere to compress when when the tap is shut off.
    The vibrating is likely caused by the shutoff washer on the hot water tap, shut off the water and pull the tap out, you will likely find that the washer has degraded.


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      wbrooks is right on with the washer. your hot water washer has loosened and at the right flow the washer will chatter up and down. replace the washer and seat. also deform the washer screw to keep the screw from loosening in the future. a small nick with some diagonal cutters will put that little nick in the screw.


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        I would agree that is most likely that cause of your issue. If that isn't it, I would use a pressure guage to check your water pressure. Too much pressure can cause this. Also the pressure reducing valve can cause this problem if it has gone bad. The most simple fix is the hammer arrestor that connects inline to the faucet supply. Very easy to install and available at the local Home Depot or Lowes.


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          Thanks guys,I'll give that a try.