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  • Midget pipe cutter

    I've purchased a Bernzomatic propane torch plumber's kit for soldering copper pipes. This kit includes a midget pipe cutter that I am having problems with. It is nearly impossible to maintain a single straight line cut. The cutter seems to wobble around the pipe cutting several lines at different angles. On occasion I can't even turn the tightening screw on the cutter because it locks up. Looking at the Ridgid lineup I see two midget cutters of interest, namely the model 101 and the self feeding model 118. I would appreciate comments from anyone who has had experience with these cutters as to their performance and whether you would recommend purchasing one over the other. Hopefully my experience with the Bernzomatic cutter is unique and not typical for midget type cutters.

    Thank you ahead of time for any information.


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    I think I have the 101 ( too lazy to walk out to the Sprinter and look in the tool box), anyway I have 3 ridgid cutters in my tool box. I use ridgid because they do cut in a straight line, not wobble as yours does. One of my cutters ise the self=feed, and I do not find it that much faster to use then the comparable cutter w/o the self-feed feature. toss the junk tool in the trash can, get a good tool, Ridgid, Wheeler Rex or REMS. Expect ot spend about $20.00.

    Douglas Hicks
    General Fire Equipment Co of Eastern Oregon, Inc


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      I've been there and it sure is agravating
      Pitched my old one and bought a 101, problem solved. not sure what a 'self-feeding' is


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        occasionally ANY cutter will start screwing around the pipe (unstraight cut) if the cutter wheel is'nt installed properly, or is worn out. I have a Rigid 101 that does this as will make a good straight cut if you turn it in only one direction, but in the other direction it will start screwing around the pipe.
        The larger Rigid cutters never have given me this problem, so I am imagining it is more common for the midgit cutters.
        I will nevertheless highly recommend the Rigid cutters though, even the 101. just make sure you always keep a good wheel on it after prolonged and repeated use and you should be fine and it will last a lifetime with occasional cleaning and oiling.

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