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Pipe Threader No. 65R

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  • Pipe Threader No. 65R

    This is a 1" to 4" pipe threader. I can not figure out how to reverse the rachet. The rachet backs the cutters away from the pipe. Help please.

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    if you have a 65r they only go1-2" not 1-4" if its a 65r then theres a handle you flip to open then you need to spin it back to the start positon you might have a #141 which does 2 1/2 to 4" you have to back it off with driver that you are using


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      If you have a 65R you should open the lever and remove the unit from the pipe. Then it should be screwed open by hand. If you are using a 141 you should only reverse it long enough to break the chip off. Then the dies should be opened up enough to allow the tool to be removed from the pipe. Running these types of thresders in reverse after a pipe has already been threaded can lead to you chipping or breaking your dies. I would suggest that you contact our technical service department at 1-800-519-3456 they can talk you through the proper procedure.