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Replacing threader dies

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  • Replacing threader dies

    After replacing the dies on my 12-R 1" head it cuts the threads to deep, the fittings now bottom out the threads at only hand tight Is there a trick to setting the new teeth?

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    lossen screws just a little then thread in a nipple then tighten the screws jeff


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      tried changing it myself too, kinda tricky.. try repeating it several times and got used to it then..


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        Kaz, The package that the new dies comes in will have instructions for setting the dies on the back. Like Jeff said, install the dies in the proper slots, 1,2,3,4. Next reinstall the top plate and just snug the screws. Thread a factory threaded nipple, "or one that you are sure is the correct size" into your 12R. Thread the nipple in untill the end is flush with the last tooth on the die segments then re tighten the top plate screws. Be sure to tighten them very tight. Remove the nipple by unthreading. Your dies will now be set to the proper thread size.