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Bending pipe in tripod vice

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    Hey Rick,
    This is a great forum. I have had experience with the tristand since 1968 and never knew what that jack screw was used for. I agree that the 425 is much more practical as it can much more easily be stored in a service van.
    I am curious, now that I know the function of the jack screw, would one use a length of pipe to the cieling? I have visions of this arrangement being used in an office building and the pipe shooting through the ceiling and through the floor under some poor secretary's desk and causing some wild law suit, but I guess I worry too much.
    I will use this forum for tips in the future.


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      havacsailor, welcome to this forum.

      as some others have stated, the jack screw on the tripod is very seldom used. i can see a use for it while doing some large piping without the use of a secondary support, assuming that there is ceiling above you. personally, i've never used it.
      infact i have one on my coring machine stand. this too has not been used.



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        i have used the pipe bender on my tripod to straighten bent black pipe or tweek some emt pipe and hard copper. but it is strange that on the ridgid pipe vice list of features it does not say one thing about a pipe bender.

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          "as some others have stated, the jack screw on the tripod is very seldom used"

          It is seldom used anymore because we don't use the old methods of joining pipe everyday anymore. Back when this model vise came out probably everything was screw pipe and you did a good bit of hand threading when jobbing. When you are cranking down on a hand die all day it probably paid to have the vise securly anchored down.

          I don't know first hand that was a little before my time. But from the stories of the old salts that is what I make of it.