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  • Aquanot II Zoeller

    I had the Zoeller Aquanot II installed last spring, and was told by my plumber that it had the power of my Zoeller M-98 (1/2 hp) main pump. Well, we had a major rain a couple of weeks ago, and water was gushing into my pit from the drain tile and ground water. I thought it would be good to test the Aquanot, and much to my dismay, I discovered that the Aquanot was not keeping up as water was very slowly rising up the pit wall. So basically, if I wasn't home and the power went out and/or the main pump failed, my basement would have flooded.

    I then did some research on the Aquanot II and read on a couple of sites that is has the power of most 1/3 hp main pumps. I was like, "what?"

    Advice? Thanks in advance.

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    According to Zoeller it discharges as fast as a 1/3 hp pump. Looks like you need a bigger pump. Or add a 2nd Aquanot.



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      If you want a pump that can handle the water (100 GPM @ 10' TDH), last you for many years (10 yr. Warranty lasts 25+ years) Get the Tramco Then you can change the motor for their AC/DC piggy back system. It is an AC motor with the shaft extended through the top with a DC motor attached. and it still delivers 100 GPM with a 10' TDH I'd post pictures and such but currently the site is having some issues.
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        Yes the Tramco 400SE is an absolute beast. I have customers that had them installed 40+ years ago by my grandfather and the pumps are still going strong