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Storage of Zoeller Pumps

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  • Storage of Zoeller Pumps

    I recently started working at a supply house and we stock several Zoeller pumps (M98,57, 267,etc.). Recently there was a discrepancy over proper storage of pumps. They arrive on pallets standing uprite, and the arrows on the box would imply that they should be stored that way as well. However, we recently had a few returns due to oil leakage and the blame fell on "improper storage", as in laying them on their side. Occasionally when "staging" the pumps they will get set on their sides and sometimes they'll stay that way until the customer comes for them. Initially I agreed and that it makes sense to follow the arrows and set them upright, however, I got to thinking and out of curiosity I found this on another forum:
    We've been installing zoeller pumps for quite sometime.

    I usually buy 6-8 at a whack. About a year ago, for whatever reason, they got stacked in the shop on their side. I noticed an oily box, pulled the pump out and found the plastic plug leaking oil. I returned it and got a different one.

    Since I noticed this, I've made a habit of storing them on their side. I usually return at least one each batch I buy. My reasoning being that if oil can leak out, water can leak in and I'd just as soon know it before the pump gets used.

    I recently switched suppliers and they started making some phone calls about this.

    Zoeller technical support says that even though it leaks alittle, once it's put in a pit with water, it will quit. My thought, however, is that if there is a pressure fluctuation in the housing there is a small chance a vacuum could be pulled and water could be sucked in past the leaking plug.

    Oh yea- I also got scolded cuz there are arrows on the box pointing up and that's how they're supposed to be stored.

    So am I full of crap? What say you?

    Not only would this imply that storing them on their side is OK, it may also be a good way to weed out the factory defects before they cause a major issue in someone's home. Unfortunatly, the forum in which I found this didn't have much of a definitive debate on this issue. So again, what say you?

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    At least the supply house stocks the right pump brand. I keep 1 or 2 in stock and just place them on the shelf upright. Never noticed oil leaking.



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      Not everyone would agree that it's the right brand. We go through them but I often hear people complaining about them. Anyhow, the majority sit upright and I have never seen one leak regardless of storage. A coworker/ self proclaimed plumbing expert claims that these pumps leak when stored horizontally. I find that funny for a device designed to be submerged in water and is hermetically sealed. I just want to clarify for my own knowledge.


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        I have had this same issue a few times before.i stock two sumps and one ejector on my truck at all times.i rebuilt my truck bins and storage box's in my truck and it was a tight I laid them on there side.when I went to use one I noticed the oil spillage on the I am a firm believer of storing them upright.i couldn't bring my self to install it due to the fact if oil had leaked out then the motor wouldn't be properly I my supplier replaced them.but that was only on two.its hard to believe that I got two bad pumps so I can assure you that improper storage will cause leakage.


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          The plastic plug is not tefloned or doped. It's just a tight plastic to metal connection. If they took an extra second to teflon the plug, it wouldn't leak. But then they also stand the chance of teflon getting into the dielectric oil and windings of the motor.

          if you store it on It's side, keep the plug upright.

          phoebe it is