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Problems with ratcheting handle springs breaking

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  • Problems with ratcheting handle springs breaking

    I have purchased 2 458R ratchet flaring tools and have had the ratchet springs replaced in both of them twice already and now the throw ouyt spring on it is getting very weak aswell is there any solution to both of these problems as I am getting frustraited with the both of them, any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    I checked with our technical service department and they suggested that you check to ensure that the reversing cap is tight as this may make the throw out spring feel weak. There is a new style spring and pawl for the 458R and it is sold in a set (cat# 83257. For more information on this I would suggest contacting our technical service department at 800-519-3456 or by email through the link provided in this web site. I hope this is of some assistance.