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seeking help choosing 75' sewer snake

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  • seeking help choosing 75' sewer snake

    I'm looking for a quality sewer snake for home use, 75' would do. I think 3/8" is what I need. Willing to pay about $500, or a bit more if useful. Would be used from a cleanout and PVC pipe inside (about 2 soft 90 degrees would be encountered) then to 4" inner dimension pipe outside. Is it more important to have a rotating blade as opposed to autofeed? A few Ridgid recommedations with list prices (some of my notes are scrambled a bit). thanks

    K380 75' (1/2" or 3/8" cable; 3/8" most common) 3/8" 84522: $500
    3800 (1/4" to 4")
    K380 power feed cart 87327 $670 . 75' 3/8" cable, 53117 $1090.

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    Not sure how well a 3/8" cable is going to work on a 4" line. I'll dare to say minimally. Also you should have some experience running the bigger rigs because they can be dangerous. Expect to pay considerably more for a decent main line machine with auto feed new (though you *may* get lucky and find one used for around 5 bills).


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      If you are looking into a snake for home use, instead of spending 500 bucks on one that would be minimally effective why dont you rent a high-quality model once in awhile. I fully reccomend the ridgid k-60, it holds both 5/8" cable up to 125' (sinks/showers) and a 7/8" cable (150') that packs enough punch to clear out the the 4" pipe (and does a really nice job with the spade bit). You may even be able to find one used at a price closer to your budget. Its a really nice machine that can be used by yourself via 2 hands on the cable and your foot on the lever. The only drawback for an amature is that it does have a lot of torque that can do some damage to your hands if you arent careful and let the snake kink.


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        the k-380 1/2 cable isnt a bad machine i have one its pretty effective on 2 to 4 inch drains it wont attack roots and after about 50 ft out its power wanes and it requires some skill to operate
        after finding the stoppage you will have to work the stoppage with some technique but just around the house its ok it has paid for itself