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    For anyone interested I've got a few pictures of a couple of 4" jobs I'm going to post and comment on in the Joining and Fabrication Section.
    I welcome any and all comments, especially those from opposing sides.


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      I am really sorry that I cause all this controversial situation. Yes, I am a 71 years old retired residential plumbing and electrician that only worked in service residential, only service, but I always try to use common sense. By unexpected circumstances I have come out retirement and the only job I found was in this commercial high-rise. Things change in the last 7 years ( when I retired) and plus going in commercial, I think is overwhelm for me right now. I am dealing with a very short mentality and big egos here. I found over 20 laundry sinks in this way, I don't know how many toilets that don't meet the CL, illegal double breakers tapping and grounds and neutrals on sub panels, a lot of compromised firebloking situations, I refused to replaced the GFIC receptacles for standards one in the kitchen and I got scolded, etc., so, this boss, maybe wants only "yes sir handymen" I know all of you are right and I thanks ArizonaPlumber, Rick and others for their expertise and again, I apologize for this controversial caused.


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        lpd, you're not the only one in that kind of situation. Were you in Phoenix, I would try and throw you a few calls to try and get you over the hump. Your job now presents a lot of challenges, and the low man on the totem pole usually gets the blame in a disaster. I strongly suggest that you continue to document the violations with your camera, written descriptions, as well as the date and time that you brought them to the attention of your supervisor. If your department keeps a daily log, note it there as well. Believe me when I tell you, it could be worth more than your salary down the road.

        As for the controversy, this is a big sand box, and we can play in it anytime we want.

        All the best.


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          The real answer hear is to solder the 4" with an A-14 tip.

          But the advice you got on propress is correct. For you to do this you should press it. no worries.