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My toilet and shower water smell like rotten eggs or methane?!

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  • My toilet and shower water smell like rotten eggs or methane?!

    My toilet and shower water smell like rotten eggs or methane or, excuse the crassness, but a fart

    I live in a brand new park model rv, with rv plumbing I suppose ( it's more exposed, not like a stick built ), and NO holding tanks, just regular black pipes to the sewer line. I've recently been smelling the coming from the toilet presumably, and also in the shower water. The park uses well and city water. They had plumbers out to clear the mainline maybe a month or 2 ago. I know this because they had a giant snake like a water hose reel....and my toilet was gurgling prior to them snaking the main line. The park is old, like really old, pre-1950's if I had to guess. l have a w/d hook up that has never been used, the contractor said it had a leak that needed repair (another issue for another day). I recently went to a plumbing store and the guy gave me a valve and hose to connect to the hot water line so that I could connect my dishwasher. The is no vent for it up top on the sink, nor is there a loop in the drain line, not sure if it matters, but I'm trying to give as much info as possible Also, I have an electric water heater. Its plumbed for natural gas, but only the stove uses it, and I'm pretty sure it's not a gas leak. There's an exhaust fan on the wall above the toilet, it doesn't seem to have much pressure in terms of sucking out air, but if you place a sheet of tissue over it, it'll stay on the vent grate..... so I'm not sure if I have a vent pipe at all, let alone if it can be clogged somewhere. Though, in my house we had that happen to an old w/d vent pipe, and it wreaked havoc on the plumbing, so I'm pretty sure it's not that either, but again, I'm no expert. I'll try pouring some water into the w/d line just in case the trap is dry (sounds like I'm competent though, right? lol), but I'm pretty sure it's always been dry. Oh, btw, the toilet is NOT affixed to the floor, it moves a bit, but the smell is also IN the water, you can smell it showering, or when the toilet is just sitting and hasn't been flushed. The smell is usually on hot days, but honestly, I think we get used to it when we're home, and it seems much worse when we leave and return. I've read tons of forums that suggest the septic/sewer may be the problem, or the well water might me funky, but I'd like some expert advice as the park just says call a plumber, and my house is new (6 mths old) so I really doubt that my pipes are the problem.

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    If it is sulfur water I think there is some treatment one can do,

    we went on vacation and stayed in small bed and breakfast type motel, we got to the room and I went in and use the toilet, I flushed it and my wife went in a few mins later, the sulfur dioxide was so strong it nearly knocked us over, she thought I had really did some thing in reality all I had done was pee and flushed,

    I take it the smell is coming from both the hot and cold, and not just the hot, if it just the hot some times the anode in the hot water heater can be deterating and causing it,

    but you said toilet that should be cold water,

    do other in the park, have the same smell or is it just YOU?
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      I asked the management, they said no. I haven't gone around to ask, I didn't want to seem like I was rallying the troops . But seriously, I don't smell it in my kitchen water, or event he bathroom sink water, and the water heater is electric and only 6 months old. I smelled it coming through a window today, the park mgmt. said that everyone has a sewer pipe under but if its not leaking then its okay..... I don't believe them, but I was hoping someone could deduce if it's something I'm responsible for, or the park mgmt. I'm only responsible for my plumbing pipes inside, out to the sewer. The rest is on them. And thanks for the Public Notice, I needed that laugh!

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    A lot of Park Models use AAV's for vents, could yours be stuck in the open position?
    If it's mostly when running the shower or flushing the toilet, it could be that the sewer gas is seeping in when when the seal is broken.


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      What is an AAV, where should it be located, and how will I know if its open? Thanks a bunch!

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    On your park model it should look something like this: Click image for larger version

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    Usually one at both the kitchen sink and the lavatory.
    It will un-screw. There is a rubber diaphram, and it may not be sealing all the way. Wash it out, and test it. Testing may be a little tricky. So make sure you wash it really really good.


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      A tiny houser. Hmmmm...... You didn't go super green and sh!t in the shower did you? "Sprinkle da' Peat Moss and shavings sweetie...."


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        If the toilet is loose on the floor, as you say,
        then I would address that issue first.
        The wax seal is probably compromised.


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          Non-chorinated water such as well water will react with the anode rod in your water heater and produce a rotten egg smell in your hot water. This odor can be hard to pinpoint since it fills the house. I've been on many calls for "sewer gas" smell and this was the problem. The solution is to remove the anode rod. This will void your warranty, but we've been doing it for more than twenty years with every heater we install in homes that have wells and none of them ever leaked to my knowledge. Try this. Run your shower with cold water only for several minutes. Do you smell it? If not, run the hot water. If you smell it in the hot water only this is your problem. Hope this helps.


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            I would definitely get the wax ring replaced and the toilet bolted to the flange first. Then check the heater. If the cold water doesn't smell you know it's the heater. If it does, it's the well water. And or both.