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Strange leak in Moen kitchen faucet

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  • Strange leak in Moen kitchen faucet

    I installed a Moen one-handle kitchen faucet about 3 years ago. The model is CA87520.

    It has developed a leak in an odd location: the mounting stud on the hot water side. The only ways I can see this happening would be from water on the top face of the sink migrating through the gasket, or somehow from an internal leak. For the record, I did have to replace the seals once because water was coming out around the o-rings of the rotating faucet. The seal kit had an odd mixture of seals included, and I was only able to replace a couple that matched, and after that the faucet is harder to rotate.

    Here is a picture showing a drop of water forming on the end of the threads

    Any ideas on how to tackle?

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    Simple test and simple fix.

    without splashing any water onto the deck plate. Turn on the faucet and swivel the spout back and forth. Looking for leaks and drips onto the deck and under the sink. If all dry then take a cup of water and splash Iit onto the deck plate looking for a drip under the sink. When it drips. You can easily pack some plumbers putty up into the knock out hole and seal the non pressurized leak with putty.

    Typically the spout requires some silicone grease to help with the swing spout.

    phoebe it is


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      Thanks, I will try these tips today.

      If the leak happens during the spout swing, then I assume that points to the o-rings. I can replace those and apply silicone grease.

      If the leak happens during pouring water around the deck plate, then if I pack plumber's putty up the knock-out, might that make the leak migrate to another hole? Is it worth re-seating the gray seal between the faucet and sink with putty?



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        Update: Swinging the spout does result in some water appearing along the top and bottom edges of the spout cylinder, and then some of the water mysteriously vanishes somewhere. I caught the rest before it hit the deck, so it sounds like one or both o-rings are compromised. I'll look into getting the correct repair set today and install along with silicone grease. I'll also clean out the channels with a toothbrush.


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          At the risk of offending, another option is to install a better faucet.



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            What are some of faucets you like to use and why?


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              Kohler, Hans Grohe and Grohe are a few. Not the big box retailer versions of course. Much better construction and quality.