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Help identify this jail cell valve

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  • Help identify this jail cell valve

    The courthouse this is in was built around 1981, the valve has no identifying markers on it. The chrome push button goes through block wall and actuates the valve which has a spring return as seen in the pic. I need to find repair parts....
    Wondering if any of you have ever come across this beast? I tried replacing the rubber washer but had no luck. It seems a kit is in order if such a thing still exists...
    sink/bubbler combo showing the actuator button internal mechanism

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    American Standard 66298-0070A


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      Thank you. You are the man!!!


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        Here's the breakdown if needed.
        Click image for larger version

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          The parts finally got to me. Easy fix. Thanks.


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            That's some pretty sloppy work on the install. I am surprised they got away with busting those block out like they did. I only built two prisons, one was a federal minimum or country club but they were pretty stricken on having all block wall filled 100%, no voids and no broken blocks like in your photos. All blocks were saw cut for any opening. I know its not your work I'm just saying that would not be acceptable here and probably most places.
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