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Checking pressure on a W.H. expansion tank ?

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  • Checking pressure on a W.H. expansion tank ?

    I've always shut off the feed , drained some water off the tank, then checked. Someone said just open a hose bibb while testing pressure ! Is this right ? Tanks Tool
    I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .

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    I've always checked the pressure prior to installation and
    it should not exceed the maximum pressure of the water service.
    And if that is above 60 psi, you may need a pressure reducer.
    Your method should work as long as the pressure is relieved.
    I use a bicycle pump as a compressor may rupture the bladder.


    • Plumber Punky
      Plumber Punky commented
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      why would a compressor rupture the bladder? if the pressure was not to exceed the max capacity of the tank there should be no harm. if the tank cannot handle some hammer, either air or water, it is compromised anyway and should be replaced.

    • Big Jim
      Big Jim commented
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      Like anything else, it's not the method so much as
      it is the operator. It is very easy to apply sudden and
      forceful pressure via a compressor and the hand pump
      is easier to control. Certain manufacturers recommend
      it as those bladders are not that robust. If you are
      charging a unit that has been in service, you can't
      assume it is in pristine condition. CYA, baby.
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    You need to get all the system pressure off the tank before you will get a reading only from the tank. It should be about the same as your incoming pressure.